Use this link to find your government representatives. The US government site will provide you with your federal, state, and local representatives. Taking a few minutes to let them know that you care about the environment is worth the time. After all they are the ones who can make big decisions about climate change, environmental regulations, and our world in general. Now, set a reminder on your digital calendar to repeat the process every 3 months. After all, you don’t want your representatives to forget about you!

Form Letter:

Copy and paste letter below to your representatives, if you would prefer this to writing your own personal note. 

Dear ——,

I am writing to let you know how important clean, domestic energy is to me. It strengthens national security, and wipes out hundreds of thousands of occurrences of childhood asthma, and lowers the nation’s carbon emissions.

With all of those benefits, it is nice that it is also the lowest cost energy we can buy, even unsubsidized.

Please support clean energy in every way possible!

Thank you,


The following are the link from the form letter:

National Security:

Childhood Asthma:

Emissions Reduction:

Solar and Wind Cheapest Energy: (See page 2 of energy cost link)