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Wanting to make changes in your life to decrease your pollution profile or your carbon footprint? Just want to save money? That’s reasonable too. While this website gives you lots of tools to take the plunge into a renewable energy lifestyle, it can often times be helpful to obtain some professional advice tailored specifically to you.

If you would like our energy experts to put together a detailed plan specific to your life and your needs, use the contact form below. Each consultation type comes with a money back guarantee. We promise that if you implement the recommendations from your personal energy consultation, your life will become more comfortable, more convenient and more affordable.

Consultation Options:

Home Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy Consultation: $795

Our energy experts will provide a full evaluation of your home and provide you with the best road map for getting from where you are now to a zero net energy home. You will be provided with a report specifically tailored to your home and your needs. The report will include equipment recommendations for:

space heating
air conditioning
water heater

Home heating and cooling, plus water heating account for over 50% of nearly every home’s energy usage, but that means there is plenty of room to attack energy waste in other areas too. We will evaluate and make recommendations on the following upgrades to maximize your energy cost savings and minimize your expenditures.

solar equipment.

Finally, we provide recommendations for water conservation on faucets, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. The less water you use, the more money you save.

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Single Vehicle Consultation: $295
With over 40 different models of plug-in electric vehicles available, there are lots of choices and many different ways to make a mistake. The average person uses more energy for personal transportation than for anything else in their life. Cars are also one of our biggest personal expenditures. That makes an individual’s choice of vehicle an important decision. Our vehicle experts will discuss your specific needs and preferences for transportation. Then they will make a recommendation for the top vehicle for you. Among other considerations, the recommendation will take into account the following: budget, daily and annual driving patterns, charging capabilities, expert vehicle quality ratings, consumer reports, rebates, tax credits, electricity costs, and solar energy considerations.

In addition to your personalized report recommending the top vehicle for your lifestyle, you will receive a detailed report on how to get the best price on the vehicle you decide to purchase. It will include dealership recommendations, negotiation strategies, best times to buy and rebates to take advantage of.

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Two Vehicle Consultation: $495
This option includes all items as listed in the single vehicle consultation. Additionally, we will provide the top vehicle recommendation for your lifestyle in the following two categories:

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) – fully electric vehicle, capable of being powered by solar
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle – (PHEV) – electric vehicle with gasoline backup power

A recommendation will be made for how to pair the two vehicles: 2 BEVs, 2 PHEVs or one of each that best fits your usage patterns.

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Combination Home Energy, Plus
Two Vehicle Consultation: $995 (a savings of $295)

This option provides the best value. The consultation service will pay for itself in a matter of days after you implement the recommendations from your personal energy consultation. This energy consultation includes the following:

  • Home Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Consultation
  • Two Vehicle Consultation

One of the best ways to save money and save the environment is to combine home energy and transportation strategies.

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