Avoid using or buying the following products:

  1. Triple Pane Windows
  2. Solar Thermal
  3. Compact Florescent Lights
  4. Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  5. Geothermal Heating and Cooling

All the Facts:

Many products add the “Good for the Planet” tag line to their marketing materials. So many in fact, that rarely do people give it any weight in their decision making. For that reason, most products I will not even address. I’ll only concentrate my efforts in the Stuff to Skip section on products that seem like reasonably good ideas, but should be avoided. They fall into two main categories: 1) products that simply do not work, 2) products for which there is a better alternative. Check out the links in the list above to learn more about each.

Then, if you have not been there already, take a look at my easy page as well as the home section for ideas on the best ways to decrease energy usage while at the same time making your life more convenient, easy, and fun!